Frequntly Asked Questions

Can I connect Yacht Thruster to the power supply of an anchor windlass?

Normally yes, however this depends on the cable size and power of the anchor windlass and which should be verified by a specialist.

Does the Yacht Thruster bow and stern thruster slow my boat down?

When optimally positioned on the hull, Yacht Thruster has minimal effect on boat speed due to its hydro dynamically optimized shape, and its positioning Yacht Thruster has less friction effect than conventional bow thrusters using a tunnel inside the hull which experience transverse water flow and generate greater turbulences Yacht Thruster ‘s extremely short transverse tunnel guarantees minimal water resistance.

Within a testing environment, depending on the positioning, the loss of speed is between 0,1 and 0,2 knots at a reference speed of 9 knots, which is comparable to a folding propeller. On planning motorboats when correctly positioned as bow thruster, Yacht Thruster is located outside the water during speed and therefore has no effect on speed.

Does Yacht Thruster need maintenance?

Yacht Thruster is a closed system and absolutely maintenance-free, however in order to avoid fouling, it is recommended to apply a coating of antifouling.

How complex is the mounting of Yacht Thruster?

Yacht Thruster is easy to install and usually takes only about 1-2 hours for the thruster itself (without cable connections). It is necessary to drill a hole of 2 in diameter through the hull for the threaded bolt which is a hollow sealed shaft and contains the cables. The mounting kit is provided with bolts and pressure-tight sealings. Once the cable has is laid inside the boat and the control panel is attached and fastened the installation is complete.

How do I prevent an electrolysis reaction between Yacht Thruster and the boat hull?

Yacht Thruster consists of seawater-resistant special treated aluminum. It is necessary to assure that there is no direct contact between Yacht Thruster and boat hulls out of steel or aluminum. Detailed information is provided in the installation and operation manual.

How do I run a 24V Yacht Thruster with an on-board voltage of 12V?

In order to run a 24V Yacht Thruster with an on-board voltage of 12V, an additional 24V battery bank will be required.

How does Yacht Thruster prevent an entanglement of an item between Yacht Thruster and the boat hull?

The adapter mounting kit completely fills out the space between Yacht Thruster and boat hull and due to its configuration makes entanglement between Yacht Thruster and boat hull impossible.

How is the sealing of Yacht Thruster ensured?

The mounting bolt is supplied with a special pressure-tight sealing system which closes the drilled hole completely, automatically and permanently. This special pressure-tight sealing is certified by the TU Munich and, when correctly installed, is fully functional more than15 years.

How much is a Yacht Thruster?

In order to provide accurate information on pricing which varies based on boat size, type, voltage, equipment required, and location, as well as whether the system will be an arranged install or self-install: please complete the contact us form so we may understand your particular requirements.

What does Yacht Thruster consist of and how can fouling be prevented?

The housing of Yacht Thruster consists of seawater-resistant special treated aluminum. To prevent fouling it is recommended to apply a coating of antifouling. Therefore use an appropriate aluminum primer and then the according antifouling.

What happens during grounding?

Yacht Thruster has a diameter of merely 6.5 inches and normally is not mounted at the lowest point of the boat. It consists of cast aluminum and is therefore normally stronger than the boat hull. Due to its angular shape obstacles it will slide over obstacles rather than catch on them.. Additionally the pressure-tight sealing system serves as a crush zone during slight grounding.

What is the runtime of Yacht Thruster?

The position of the motor on the exterior of the boat and the water cooling provide Yacht Thruster with a much longer runtime per hour than conventional thruster systems. Depending on water temperature the continuous runtime is up to 5 minutes with an automated shutdown to prevent overheating. After a short cooling period the combined runtime of Yacht Thruster is up to 25 minutes per hour!

What is the warranty period of Yacht Thruster?

Yacht Thruster carries a two year warranty.