Product Benefits

Yacht Thruster is a German quality/Swiss precision designed, engineered and tested system manufactured to provide durability and performance with almost triple the operating time of a comparative electric boat thruster system. 25 minutes an hour, plus a 3-year warranty. Yacht Thruster requires no maintenance other than bottom paint and the motor is completely sealed.

Easy Installation

Requires drilling of only three small holes to assemble, which are sealed tightly with a special rubber sealant. No fiberglass work is necessary.

Space Saving

The complete drive unit is very compact and placed externally, saving valuable boat space. Only the operating and control elements, as well as the power supply remain inside the boat.

Minimal Noise

About 80 % noise reduction is obtained by the external placement of the engine. this also results the elimination of possible border cavitations.

Optimal Efficiency

Optimal efficiency results from a shorter transverse channel and ideal leverage which is created by deeper and more distant positioning away from the pivot point. Typically giving up to 40 % higher efficiency than with conventional systems.

Long Runtime

The external placement of the unit gives a more efficient water cooling and allows much longer duration per cycle of the unit than with traditional bow and stern thrusters.

Optimal Design

Hydrodynamic shape, very short flow-channel and ideal placement reduce the water resistance to a fraction compared to conventional systems. There is no perceptible loss of speed.

Simple and Quick

Virtually No Resistance In The Water!

Tank testing proves that water resistance under power is less than .09% (nine hundredths) power loss, under sail is .05% (five hundredths) loss under sail compared to a tunnel thruster at 10% sail handicap, and equivalent to the drag of only a folding propeller.

Utilizes approximately ½ the amperage of an equivalent LBS thrust tunnel thruster and Minimizes battery consumption Yacht Thruster Nominal current.

Specifications - Compact Thruster Models

Model 300CSpecs
Power (KW)3.0
Thrust Equivalent (lbf)148 stern
Voltage (V)24
Nominal Current (A)175
Length17 in
Diameter6.5" x 6.5"
Weight27 lbs
Propeller (type)B010903003-C
Recommended Boat Size (Bow)N/A
Recommended Boat Size (Stern)Up to 47ft
ezDrive (77)Specs
Power (KW)1.8
Thrust Equivalent (lbf)89
Voltage (V)12
Nominal Current (A)245
Length14.72 in
Diameter7.2" x 7.2"
Weight33.73 lbs
Propeller (type)4-Blade
Recommended Boat Size (Stern)20ft - 28ft
ezDrive PLUS (110)Specs
Power (KW)2.8
Thrust Equivalent (lbf)136
Voltage (V)12
Nominal Current (A)380
Length14.72 in
Diameter7.2" x 7.2"
Propeller (type)4-Blade
Recommended Boat Size (Bow)Up to 44ft*
Recommended Boat Size (Stern)33ft - 42ft

* Performance thrust for simplex models equals 1.4 times actual thrust due to positional advantage on bow application.


The system control center

  • Provides delay between drive directions.
  • Monitors solenoid functions to reduce the chance of solenoid lock-in.
  • Will stop the thruster in case of a locked-in solenoid, without extra user action and even without controlling the main switch.
  • Uses the same components as the other Side-Power series and can be combined with any other Side-Power thruster.

Sailboat Installation Positioning

Optimal position for external Yacht Thruster installations:

  • Bow Thruster (B)
  • Stern Thruster (S)

On round chines there is no/limited necessary GRP work.

Motor Yacht Installation Positioning

Optimal position for external Yacht Thruster installations:

  • Bow Thruster (B)
  • Stern Thruster under swim platform (S1)
  • Stern Thruster on “vertical transom” (S2)

On hard chines a fiberglass adaptor may be necessary for installation.

Adaptor Installation


Installation of an external Yacht Thruster is quick and easy. Simply drill a 50 mm diameter hole through the hull for the S/S through-hull fitting (attached to the thruster) which also feeds the required wiring. This through-hull fitting is supplied with a watertight seal which eliminates the need of additional fiberglass work. Also supplied as part of the installation kit are S/S rods to be bolted through two 18 mm pre-drilled holes. This also includes watertight seals and provides ultimate security and rigidity of your external yacht thruster installation.

 Mounting Bolts (Boat Interior)

The front mounting bolts are also secured from the vessels interior and provide a watertight seal.

Special Watertight Sealing

The unique seals provide a permanent watertight solution.

Hi-Tensile Aluminum

Our thrusters are milled from solid blocks of hi-tensile aluminum for incredible strength and durability.