The Advantages of an Externally Mounted Yacht Thruster

Superior Leverage
Yacht Thruster’s mounting position is lower in the water and further forward providing an increased effective thrust level due to the leverage of its mounting position.

Quiet operation
Yacht Thruster is less than one-half the operating noise of comparable thrusters.

Easy and quick as a thru-hull fitting to install
Yacht Thruster out of the water installation takes only a few hours to mount the thruster plus additional labor for electrical and battery power connection which can be done with the boat back in the water. Our watertight sealing system makes installation simple and Yacht Thruster bow and stern systems fit both Power and sail. No Fiberglass lamination required.

Maintenance free
Yacht Thruster require no maintenance other than normal bottom paint, and the sealed housings are specially treated so that they will not deteriorate from electrolysis.

Virtually no resistance in the water
Tank testing proves that water resistance under power is less than .09% (nine hundredths) power loss, under sail is .05% (five hundredths) loss under sail compared to a tunnel thruster and equivalent to the drag of only a folding propeller.