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 -   41   Bill M.   LI,NY   I had the bow thruster installed on Optimistic in LI,NY along with Ken Hecht on Hanse 41 back in March. I wanted to follow up and update you on how the bow thruster Peter installed. So far it has been working as advertised, we have been very satisfied with its performance to date and it sure does make docking a lot easier. The wireless remote has been a life saver especially when working the bow at a morning.  
 -   -   Joe Glasse   -   My wife and I are both 78 and the thruster has helped us continue boating safely. Thanks for your help!  
  Hunter   30   Rob H.    South Haven, MI   "Boat went in the water today. The thruster worked great!! Even better, no leaks! Very happy with your product. Thank you for your help in answering questions." 
 Aluminum Ketch   53   Paul & Jan   Honolulu, HI   "Back in the latter part of last year, we purchased the pod thruster for our 53' aluminum ketch. WE LOVE IT, and I call it man's greatest invention in regards to saving marriages, relationships (Paul and me), and even friendships. Our boat has a lot of windage, so the thruster is a Godsend!" 
 Bavaria   42   Heino E.   Port d’Antratx, Spain   "After three months of nearly daily use, I can tell that the purchase decision for Exturn was absolutely right." 
 Bayliner   33   Dave S.    Los Angeles, CA   "The install on my boat was very successful and uneventful. It works beautifully earning me the title of "CHEATER" from my neighbors on the dock. It moves my boat with power and ease. I went out fishing on Friday and the licensed captain I hire for fishing excursions said it was fantastic to use. This guy has been running boats for 30 years and never has used a thruster. He loved it." 
 Bayliner   34   Steve F.   Kirkland, WA   “My bow thruster is great! I dock in a river with a strong current of about 4 knots and it responds great.”  
 Beneteau   46   William C.   FL   "The unit is installed and I’ve been using it for a week now. It’s plenty powerful and with the remote unit with anchor capability is exactly what I was looking for! 
 Beneteau   423   Tony B.   FL   "The Simplex 300 Thruster is a great product!" 
 Beneteau   47   Steve M.   Texas   "I had an Exturn 300 installed on my Beneteau 473. Works like a charm. " 
 Beneteau   41   Klaus J.    New Vernon, NJ   “Just came back from 2 week vacation and used it extensively. The thruster works well. Placed further fwd at the bow makes it much more efficient than the positioning of a standard tunnel thruster. The Yacht Thruster has adequate power to maneuver my 41’ Beneteau.” 
 Beneteau   36   BOAT MAX   City Island, NY   “The system worked out great. It was our first install so took some time to understand the procedure but once we did the installation was a breeze. Our customer loves the system“ 
 Beneteau   39   Leon G.   Valencia, Spain   "At Last it is a pleasure to see how easily it is to drive into our mooring at low speed due the eXturn thruster. The mooring stress is gone." 
 Beneteau   37   Cal H.   Charleston SC   "The thruster is wonderful!" 
 Beneteau    35'   Chuck B.   Great Lakes   "Going on season number 5 with the Yacht Thruster installed. Works just as great as the day I installed it. Thanks!" 
 Beneteau    393    Bill R.   NY, NY    "There is a learning curve here-most importantly when I was out the other day with my wife she says on her on without any coaxing by me "it was worth the money" 
 Beneteau    35   Emilio L   Canada   "I put the boat in the water last Thurs in 20+ kts of wind and the thruster worked amazingly. I love the product. Thanks for everything. Cheers" 
 Bristol   40   Robert H.   Rab, Croatia   "The bow thruster works great and a lot of my fellow sailors are asking about it." 
 Bristol   40   Bob H.   Sarasota, Fl   "Everything is working fantastic! It is working just as I expected. I can actually dock the boat myself which is saying allot comparing to my past docking experiences! The whole docking procedure is now a great experience! Getting on and off my boat with Yacht Thruster is a breeze. It is everything and more that I wished for in a thruster! Thank you for the support." 
 Cal   46   David C.   Redondo Beach, CA   "It works fabulously .. My Cal 2-46 is a heavy boat ( 36000 lb) and has a pretty big wind effect at the front. I am on a downwind side tie with onshore breeze pretty consistent. I recently backed into my slip and as the nose started to get away. A simple pulse with the thruster brought her right back to the dock.. Without the thruster I would have needed to leave the slip and start a whole new entry. Just what the Doctor ordered .. I also used it to "pivot" the boat within her own length going into the boat yard and backed into the slip with ease.. "  
 Caliber Sailboat.   40   Drew L   Norfolk, VA   "The performance of the thruster is outstanding. On our way home from the yard after installation, we suffered multiple engine stops due to a problem with air trapped in the fuel system. We used the thruster to maneuver when we had no steering authority left at low speed and were able to aim the bow into the wind and anchor in a very small space just outside a busy shipping channel in Norfolk. After arriving at our dock again we were able to turn into our slip with real authority (for once) in the presence of a very strong cross wind. It works very well !! We decided on the install to improve control while backing but now we see there are many uses !" (Drew L.) 
 Camano Trawler   31   Ralph O   Edmonds, WA    "We had our first real sea trial this weekend with a fully integrated system of the original bow thruster and the 180C with remote and double joystick at the helm. It made docking in a tight slip in a cross wind a "breeze"." 
 Carver   37   John G.    Annapolis, MD   "I love my Yacht Thruster and Yacht Controller! The combination of stern control with my wireless remote has made handling my Carver so much easier. Thank you for all of your help!" 
 Carver   37   Tadd H.    North Carolina   "Best investment I've made on the boat! The electronic control refit with the Yacht Controller remote and the stern thruster have completely changed the way I boat. I am looking to upgrade to a larger boat in a couple of years and will definitely add your systems to that one as well." 
 Carver    50   Paul M.    Lake Ontario, Canada   "I installed the Yacht Controller in the past spring through Jason Crawford of Keswick. Works fantastic! Best decision I’ve ever made in boating! Also put on dual stern thrusters (from your Yacht Thruster division) from you too. So, I’ve been busy using your products." 
 Catalina   47   Jim M.   Annapolis, MD   "My bow thruster works wonderfully. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for all of the help, advice, and patience." 
 Catalina   42   Steve T   Fairport, NY   "I am happy to be used as a reference as I am very satisfied with the performance of the 230 on our Catalina 42. As I stated in a previous email, it moved the bow into winds up to 22 knots off the beam" 
 Catalina   40   Doug K   Delware   "It works great. I have taken the 40 ft Catalina out by myself and when I returned to port I back it into the slip -by myself- it was great." 
 Catalina    36   Terry O.   Gwinn, Michigan   "I'm happy to report that the thruster performed very well and certainly aids in safely maneuvering into tight docking spaces and our narrow waterways." 
 Challenger   32   Connie D   Toms River, NJ   “When being “in irons” (sailboat’s direction relative to the wind causes it to lose control) I simply tap on your thruster joystick and it helps me quickly gain control. The Yacht Thruster is also great for tight space docking. “ 
 Challenger   32   Connie   New Jersey    "Alex - One more great testimony from me. Works smooth. Installation was easy. I'll send pic. Regards"  
 CHB Heritage    42   Steve B   Prince Williams Sound, Alaska   "I self installed my system. It's awesome! I wish I had installed on years ago! it makes boating so much easier! Thank you for providing a great product." 
 Cigarette   42   Capt. Julian   Coral Gables, FL    "Just wanted to follow up with you. The stern thruster option has been a great addition to our Cigarette Huntress! While the outboards provide decent stern control, there is no comparison when having the ability to isolate the use of the stern thruster system in a close quarters maneuvering or docking scenario! Thank you for providing a great product and for all the support! 
 Cigarette   42   Capt. Julian   Coral Gables, FL    "Just wanted to follow up with you. The owner just left with the boat after the demonstration and he felt like a kid on Christmas Day! Thanks for all the work from your staff to make this happen!" 
 Crownline   25   Goran K.   Rab, Croatia   "The leverage of eXturn is optimal due to the lower and foremost position. That‘s exactly how a thruster has to function!" 
 Cruiser   3650   Bill D.   Common Wealth, MI   ”I installed the thruster myself and it works fantastic" I couldn't be happier!!” 
 Cruiser   38   Scott.   Seattle, WA   "We have completed the installation successfully and the sea trials were good. I am pleased with the unit so far. There is no apparent change in cruise performance. We were able to test it docking in a 12 Kt. crosswind, and it performed flawlessly, making handling the boat much easier to handle." 
 Cruiser   37   Dave   Newport Beach, CA   “The front thruster works absolutely wonderfully and better than anticipated. Makes the boat MUCH MORE Captain Friendly.” 
 Cruisers Yachts   30   Mike R.   Ashland, WI   "This thruster has completely changed the way I feel about this boat. Thank you!" 
 CSY   44   Douglas P.    Wilmington, NC   “Loving the Bow Thruster! “ 
 Custom    45'   Vicky and Karl   Seattle, WA   "The bow thruster works even better than our expectations! Woo hoo! Thanks"  
 Donzi   33   Dean S.    Jupiter, Fl   “I am also the vessel's captain. On the first day that I was to show the owner how to operate the vessel with his new stern thruster I needed to fuel the boat. The boat is kept in a very tight Basin and to go to the fuel dock from the launch area I have to turn the engines hard over after clearing the dock and then proceed to the back corner to the fuel dock. Unfortunately, when I turned the engines hard over one of the steering lines at the engine ruptured. As a result I lost my steering with the engines hard over to starboard. Luckily it was early Sunday morning and the marina was not busy yet. I yelled over to a couple of the marina employees letting them know I lost my steering. While they were coming over to the dock I decided to try to bring the boat in with the two thrusters. I had to dock port side to so you could imagine how difficult that would normally be hard over to starboard in reverse. Surprisingly I was able to bring the boat in without assistance from the dock help as I put the engines in and out of reverse to get momentum then I used the stern thruster to keep me off the dock. It seemed effortless. I only hit the bow thruster once to slow the bow momentum. All I can say is what a great addition to the boat. I think anyone thinking about the new joystick outboards on the market should first consider the Yacht Thruster option!" 
 Dufour   38   Ivan V.   Ontario Canada     "I just wanted to let you know that installation of my Simplex 230 is finally over and it’s working! If anyone who owns Dufour Classic line sailboat (36, 38, 39 and up) would like to get additional info on installation feel free to pass on my contact info. Many thanks for your help and excellent customer service along the project!" 
 Dufour   45   Kenneth M.   CT   "Success ... Works Great!"  
 Endeavour   35   Roger B.   St. Catherine, Ontario CA   “The Yacht Thruster is the best slice thing since sliced bread! My wife and I cruise across Lake Ontario and dock on concrete wall and the Yacht Thruster allows me single-handedly dock myself. This allows me to now enjoy more time on the waters.”  
 Ericson   39   Randy L.    Poulsbo, WA   “We were out over the weekend and had the opportunity to use it several times. I'm impressed, and so were some friends who observed the maneuvering in tight places.” 
 Express   39   Tim O.   Jeffersonville, PA   “The thruster works real good. Last winter I used it all season in Florida and it worked very well. Thank you for product” 
 Fairline   48   Wolfgang H.   Mallorca, Spain   “The boat turns extremely easily with the external mounted thruster only, without using the powerful 2 x 480 hp Volvo-Penta motors with whom a narrow turn is accomplished with much more difficult, slower and extremely loud.” “The performance of EXTURN is by far better in comparison to the conventional bow thruster and the noise emission is much lower.” 
 Galeon   33   Rudi H.   Spittal on the Drau, Austria   “Before that, I never drove into or out of ports when there was strong wind, some of the ports on the Danube are simply too narrow...Now I can! I strongly recommend eXturn as a stern thruster to every boat owner.” 
 Gemini    105mc   Just G.   Copperas Cove, Texas   "Your product has exceeded all my expectations, please feel free to use me as a reference." 
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