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 Jefferson    57'   Phil & Mary L.    Clearwater, FL   "Hey Tony, ...The addition of the stern thrusters on the Jefferson 57 made a big difference in us handling her. Since we are older (76 & 67 now) and handled the vessel ourselves, the additional stern thruster gave us the added maneuverability to put the 65' LOA vessel anywhere. Also, we would highly recommend the Yacht Controller for a large vessel, particularly if it's a couple with no additional crew. Mary L, USCG Master Phil L." 
 Overseas   57   Peter R.   Seattle, WA   "I'm very pleased with the ease of installation, overall quality and our technical support received by Yacht Thruster. The thruster really works great! Our slip runs north / south and the wind often blows us away from the finger. The Yacht Thruster allows me to pull in with no drama!" 
 Aluminum Ketch   53   Paul & Jan   Honolulu, HI   "Back in the latter part of last year, we purchased the pod thruster for our 53' aluminum ketch. WE LOVE IT, and I call it man's greatest invention in regards to saving marriages, relationships (Paul and me), and even friendships. Our boat has a lot of windage, so the thruster is a Godsend!" 
 Sea Ranger   52   TLC Marine   San Carlos, Mexico   "It works great and installation was easier than I was expecting!" 
 Sea Ranger   52   Richard W.   Mexico   "Boat works great, I'm very happy with both the bow and stern thrusters!" 
 Prestige   50'    JM R.   New York, N.Y   " I love my Yacht Thruster equipped on my ips pod driven boat! I actually use my thruster instead of the pod rotation when docking in close quarters as it allows for more precise control when docking. Thank you for all the support!" 
 Jeanneau   50'   Jim P.   Washtington State   "My thruster is working just fine. (It was installed October 2013) It always works when I push the button, and has enough power to swing the boat. I back in to my slip so that I can easily step off the swim step onto the dock, and without the thruster, the four bladed prop’s walk is stronger than the rudder’s steerage at docking speed, but the thruster does just what’s expected of it and allows me to back in exactly where I want to go."  
 Carver    50   Paul M.    Lake Ontario, Canada   "I installed the Yacht Controller in the past spring through Jason Crawford of Keswick. Works fantastic! Best decision I’ve ever made in boating! Also put on dual stern thrusters (from your Yacht Thruster division) from you too. So, I’ve been busy using your products." 
 Jeanneau   50   James P.   Tacoma, WA   “It works well. I have had reliable use of it. The installation was completed with no issues.” 
 Jeanneau   49   Carey S.   California   “ I installed the Bow Yacht Thruster myself. It was an easy install and when I had any questions I called Alex and he answered the questions on the spot. I have used it entering and leaving our slip with no problems at all. The noise level is so low you don't even know that you are using the thruster.” The newly installed (400 Duplex) Yacht Thruster is still working flawlessly. I used it last week in 22 knots keeping my bow into the wind while releasing a stern and aft mooring line at Catalina Island. It helped!" 
 Jeanneau   49   Sal M.    Wilton, CT   “ I installed the Bow Yacht Thruster myself. It was an easy install and when I had any questions I called Alex and he answered the questions on the spot. I have used it entering and leaving our slip with no problems at all. The noise level is so low you don't even know that you are using the thruster.” 
 Mapleleaf   48'   Tom B.   henderson, NV   "It's a big boat. The thruster sure was needed. It works great!"  
 Fairline   48   Wolfgang H.   Mallorca, Spain   “The boat turns extremely easily with the external mounted thruster only, without using the powerful 2 x 480 hp Volvo-Penta motors with whom a narrow turn is accomplished with much more difficult, slower and extremely loud.” “The performance of EXTURN is by far better in comparison to the conventional bow thruster and the noise emission is much lower.” 
 Wellington    48   David and Yvonne H   Pompano Beach, FL   "Just returned from a week sailing the west coast of FL from St. Pete to Naples. The thruster was crucial in a number of marina docking situations. Sanibel Island Marina is very small for a 50 foot sailboat but we got in and out with ease, thanks to our new thruster. Amazing. I have a whole different mindset when entering close quarters now. Much less tension with crew and lines now too. The thruster moves the bow quite well and we are thrilled to have such maneuverability! Thanks for great service and a fabulous product."  
 Sparkman   47   Paul O.   Auckland, New Zealand   "The thruster is installed and working perfectly!"  
 Valiant   47   Jay M.   St. Paul, MN   “I love absolutely everything about the thruster from performance to the ease of my own installation. Instead of making a big circle I can now go right into my slip! I wish I had one sooner.” 
 Catalina   47   Jim M.   Annapolis, MD   "My bow thruster works wonderfully. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for all of the help, advice, and patience." 
 Beneteau   47   Steve M.   Texas   "I had an Exturn 300 installed on my Beneteau 473. Works like a charm. " 
 Grand Banks   46'   Charles B.   Washington State   "We completed the installation in February (2014) and the unit was tested as needed on our recent trip to Ketchikan, Alaska. I would have to say that the unit's performance met, and even exceeded my expectations." 
 Hunter Sailboat   46   Mike N.   Florida   "I am a huge fan of this little device - incredible boat control!" 
 Hunter   46   Mike N.   St. Petersburg, FL   "We just completed the 200 mile sail from Marathon to St. Petersburg yesterday. I had numerous opportunities to employ the Bow Thruster in very narrow waterways and marinas. It worked as promised and flawlessly! I am incredibly impressed with the power and control embodied in this compact engine. I would be happy to provide a very positive recommendation to any prospective buyers." 
 Hunter   46   Captain Steve   CT   "It was great meeting you at the boat show and thank you for the additional information. I had installed my Yacht Thruster 300 myself in 2011 and it has worked flawlessly ever since. It's on my Hunter 46 sailboat with plenty of power. I even have the remote control unit. On occasions, if alone, I can come into a dock and step off with a stern line and secure it. Then use the remote to bring the bow into the dock. Quite the concept! Just having the daily confidence is great. I can even rotate in a tight circle. Certainly provides great control coming into a slip but it has also been a great help when anchoring or picking up a mooring in windy conditions." 
 Beneteau   46   William C.   FL   "The unit is installed and I’ve been using it for a week now. It’s plenty powerful and with the remote unit with anchor capability is exactly what I was looking for! 
 Nordhavn   46   Leo M.   -   The stern thruster works perfect on the Nordhavn 46. I was able to put it to good use this last weekend and dock the boat in very tight spaces. More than peace of mind, the level of confidence while approaching a tight docking area is great! Well worth the money spent!  
 Cal   46   David C.   Redondo Beach, CA   "It works fabulously .. My Cal 2-46 is a heavy boat ( 36000 lb) and has a pretty big wind effect at the front. I am on a downwind side tie with onshore breeze pretty consistent. I recently backed into my slip and as the nose started to get away. A simple pulse with the thruster brought her right back to the dock.. Without the thruster I would have needed to leave the slip and start a whole new entry. Just what the Doctor ordered .. I also used it to "pivot" the boat within her own length going into the boat yard and backed into the slip with ease.. "  
 Custom    45'   Vicky and Karl   Seattle, WA   "The bow thruster works even better than our expectations! Woo hoo! Thanks"  
 Dufour   45   Kenneth M.   CT   "Success ... Works Great!"  
 Hunter   45   George G.   Toronto, Canada   "The stern thruster very closely matches the tunnel bow thruster in my Hunter 45ds sailboat and works like a charm, moving my boat directly off the dock, even in stiff winds. It's absolutely brilliant!!! - When I come in to dock now, I can push the boat against the dock and my wife can easily step off the boat and casually tie off the lines, while I hold the boat in place, again, even in stiff winds. - Docking is a breeze and the thruster can easily cover up for any surprises, winds, or getting us into the tightest of slips. - Yacht Thruster significantly takes the risk out of my aging crew jumping off the boat at just the right moment with the lines. I fully expect that Yacht Thruster will significantly extend the age to which we can continue to enjoy sailing.” 
 Trojan    44   Bill G.    Amherst, OH   “The thruster is Wonderful, it has made my life better. It’s taken all of the stress out of boating and I can dock my vessel by myself. It has made all the difference in the world.” 
 CSY   44   Douglas P.    Wilmington, NC   “Loving the Bow Thruster! “ 
 Well Craft   43'    Frank N.    Lake Erie, Canada    "I love my Yacht Thruster! I had one incident where I was able to pin the boat into a side to dock with 30+ knot winds pushing against the dock! The Yacht Thruster gives me the ability to handle the boat much more effectively in any boating condition. Great power. Amazing product!" 
 Irwin Sailboat   43'   John W   Maryland   Installation went well and the thruster has made the boat enjoyable. Plenty of power, and reasonably quiet. Batteries and controls fit just fine under the V-berth.  
 Hanse   43   Herbert S.   Lignano, Italy   “I didn’t want to weaken my boat’s hull due to big holes, which is only possible with eXturn as bow thruster.” 
 Morgan   43   Larry G.   Cincinnati, OH   "I boat in the Annapolis area. The thruster has worked very well. I find it very easy to back out of my slip now. My boat sits east to west and if winds blowing from the south it pushes me in the wrong direction in my slip and the thruster now helps me handle this situation allowing me to back out of my slip with a lot of confidence. It allows me to turn very sharply. You installer did a great job. I highly recommend the system! My wife appreciates Yacht Thruster!“  
 Hanse Christian    43   Bob D.   Toms River, NJ   “The Yacht Thrusters you equipped are excellent! It has just been wonderful! A lot of chatter has started as neighbors have watched from the dock as I bring my boat in by myself.”  
 Pearson Ketch 42   424   Rick D.   Virginia   "We cruised for two weeks in early September stopping in such places as Solomons, Cambridge, Knapps Narrows, Annapolis and many in between. We had many opportunities to enjoy having our bow thruster. In our own slip, it has made docking in a cross blow or cross current easier. Again, thanks for your assistance and patience." 
 Beneteau   423   Tony B.   FL   "The Simplex 300 Thruster is a great product!" 
 Sea Ray   42'   Richard C.   Quebec, Canada   What I can say about my satisfaction is: 1. It make a very good result. 2. Easy to install but need a bit of imagination but less harder than a regular thruster. 3. It does not make any noise compare to a regular thruster. 4. My wife like to have the joystick on her neck to control the bow and it is very fun. 5. The performance is so good that it is not hard for the battery. Thank you very much, I will recommend to anybody. 
 Grand Banks   42    Dan B.    Seattle, WA   "We took a 2 1/2 months trip on the boat and the thruster worked great! Glad I added it. The self-install took about 24 hours of labor." 
 Hunter 42   42   Rich P.   Sydney BC, Canada   "Just a quick line to let you know that the Yacht Thruster is working quite well, making docking and leaving the dock much easier. Kathie loves it. I'd like to thank you and your team again for the excellent workmanship. I'd recommend to anyone who is interested in the Thruster." 
 Catalina   42   Steve T   Fairport, NY   "I am happy to be used as a reference as I am very satisfied with the performance of the 230 on our Catalina 42. As I stated in a previous email, it moved the bow into winds up to 22 knots off the beam" 
 Hunter   42   George S.   Ontario, Canada   "Awesome product. Awesome customer service. Works as good as advertised or better. Kind of nice to be able to back the boat perfectly using the thruster with the wheel centred, and while docking single handed. Great to be in a confined channel with wind and/or current, waiting for a bridge opening, and being in full fine control. Remote control definitely recommended. For tying up single handed with an off shore wind you just hop off the boat with the stern line, tie it up, letting the bow go where it wants (who cares?) and stand there, remote in one hand and a drink in the other, and then leisurely bring the bow back to the dock using the remote. Another way is to back up to the dock and loop the dock cleat. Stroll up to the bow with the remote and bring the bow in. Loop the bow line on the forward dock cleat and you’re done without even hopping onto the dock." 
 Cigarette   42   Capt. Julian   Coral Gables, FL    "Just wanted to follow up with you. The stern thruster option has been a great addition to our Cigarette Huntress! While the outboards provide decent stern control, there is no comparison when having the ability to isolate the use of the stern thruster system in a close quarters maneuvering or docking scenario! Thank you for providing a great product and for all the support! 
 Hunter   42   Whitney D.    Baltimore, MD   “We splashed the boat last week and tested the thruster. All went well. We used it to turn 180 after being splashed, did a few 360s in the harbor, practiced docking along a pier, and then docked easily in our slip. Very nice. Smooth, powerful, and quiet operation. Surprisingly low power draw as well. Since then we have departed and docked three times. The thruster makes dockings in narrow marinas so much less stressful. We thought about the thruster for more than a year, but are so glad to now have it. We haven't noticed any impact on performance, and won't have a boat without a thruster ever again." 
 Bavaria   42   Heino E.   Port d’Antratx, Spain   "After three months of nearly daily use, I can tell that the purchase decision for Exturn was absolutely right." 
 Whitby   42   Mark P.   Canada   " It may be small but it is really effective. We are so pleased." 
 CHB Heritage    42   Steve B   Prince Williams Sound, Alaska   "I self installed my system. It's awesome! I wish I had installed on years ago! it makes boating so much easier! Thank you for providing a great product." 
 Cigarette   42   Capt. Julian   Coral Gables, FL    "Just wanted to follow up with you. The owner just left with the boat after the demonstration and he felt like a kid on Christmas Day! Thanks for all the work from your staff to make this happen!" 
 Hunter   42   Richard & Sandra B.   Maryland   "Before we bough the Exturn we deliberated over it for a long time. Both cost and configuration were considered plus ease of installation, power and noise.   After using it a few times now and especially today, I would not be with out it.  We went in to get fuel and water and the wind was blowing us on to the bulkhead. A nice easy landing was achieved with just a touch on the thruster but when we left........  BLISS.   Backing out was so easy with complete control with the Exturn.  Just a little nudge every few feet kept the bow off while the stern slid gracefully away from the dock.  We looked so cool and so professional." 
 Hinckley Talaria   42   Richard R.    Punta Gorda, FL   " I finally got the boat out for a sea trial of the thrusters yesterday and am very pleased. The amount of thrust is most impressive as the stern really moves when you touch the controls. I am a believer." 
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