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 Sea Ranger   52   Richard W.   Mexico   "Boat works great, I'm very happy with both the bow and stern thrusters!" 
 Sea Ranger   52   TLC Marine   San Carlos, Mexico   "It works great and installation was easier than I was expecting!" 
 Sea Ray    42   Sal M.   Connecticut   “We installed the model 300 on the stern of my 42 Searay. Install went well and the unit is working perfectly. Nice to have the extra control when operating” 
 Sea Ray    40   John C.    Bradenton, FL    "The Yacht Thruster works wonderfully! Being able to move the stern of my boat to correct my direction when docking has been a great addition to my boat!" 
 Sea Ray   29   Bob C.   Lane Grimes, IA   " I'm very happy with how my thruster turned out... it works great. I even used it while standing on the dock using the remote to move the bow around while I adjusted the bow lines... really convenient and again a really great addition to my boat."  
 Sea Ray   29   Gary W.   Eatonton, GA   “The Yacht Thruster works great and very happy how it performs. Thanks again.” 
 Sea Ray   29   Robert C.   Eatonton, GA   “I’m thrilled with it! Working great! The wireless remote is a great addition as I can walk away from the station when docking to maneuver the boat in position. I am very pleased with Yacht Thruster and will continue to promote it.” 
 Sea Ray   33   Jim P.   Richfield, OH    "We enjoyed our summer and found the Bow thruster to work very well for us, a great addition to the boat." 
 Sea Ray   42'   Richard C.   Quebec, Canada   What I can say about my satisfaction is: 1. It make a very good result. 2. Easy to install but need a bit of imagination but less harder than a regular thruster. 3. It does not make any noise compare to a regular thruster. 4. My wife like to have the joystick on her neck to control the bow and it is very fun. 5. The performance is so good that it is not hard for the battery. Thank you very much, I will recommend to anybody. 
 Shamrock   26   Larry J.   FT. Myers, FL   “I’m very pleased at how good it works!” 
 Silverton    39   Lou G.   Indiana    "P.S. I love the thruster! Thanks!" 
 Silverton   35   Thomas M.   Livingston, NJ   “I am very pleased with the product! I would never buy a boat again without a Yacht Thruster. I now get far more use of my boat. I am 4’ from my neighbor and docking was always difficult. Now with Yacht Thruster I can do it all alone with no worries. I continue to promote your system to boaters! Thank you for getting the job done to my satisfaction.” 
 Sparkman   47   Paul O.   Auckland, New Zealand   "The thruster is installed and working perfectly!"  
 Tartan   37   Erich C.   St. Paul, MN   I will save on gel coat repair now because the boat turns on a dime and I love it. 
 Tiara   36   Jim D.   San Diego, CA   The job is complete. The 300C stern thruster works great on this Tiara 36! The customer reports that the stern thruster seems to be providing more thrust that the stock Lewmar tunnel bow thruster. Honestly, it is very rare to have the stern thruster outrun the bow thruster! I am pleasantly surprise. This result is a check mark in the positive box for sure! Thanks for all the support! 
 Tiho   36   Leo R.   Zadar, Croatia   “Exturn now was in use the whole charter season is functioning perfectly and has very much enthused our skippering guests. Because Exturn is installed at the foremost position possible, it is very efficient and also really quiet. I really want to recommend Exturn to all wooden boat owners. “ 
 Tolly Craft   26   Jim D.   Woodinville, WA   “One word… Awesome!... ok, two words… totally awesome. That being said we simply brought the boat back to our marina from the boat yard were we did the installation… I had to back out of the sling… worked great in dealing with our ‘pull-to-port’ single v-drive screw; spun around in bay, WOW!, and headed home. Got to our marina and stopped at fuel dock… two boats there with just enough room at the far end… put the bow on the dock, wife stepped off, secured the bow and toggled stern into dock, WOW… yes, should have done this sooner! That being said, I screwed up putting the boat in the slip… my fault… probably a little over confident with the new toy!!... never said I was a great Captain at the helm!!!, but always created some fun for those watching/witnessing me trying to recover… gotta look on the bright side.” 
 Trojan    44   Bill G.    Amherst, OH   “The thruster is Wonderful, it has made my life better. It’s taken all of the stress out of boating and I can dock my vessel by myself. It has made all the difference in the world.” 
 True North    38'   Randy    San Juan Islands, WA   "I send you this email with great joy from the San Juans. After two weeks of regular use I can say that the stern thruster is beyond wonderful! I am damn proud of my install job on the wiring and all works so, so totally great. Even in wind, Yacht Thruster is perfect! Thank you for your sales and excellent follow up after the sale. Again, product works so well and changes the docking game 100 percent! Rock on!" 
 True North   38   Randal K.   Charleston, SC   “Works good, no problem after two years!“ 
 Valiant   47   Jay M.   St. Paul, MN   “I love absolutely everything about the thruster from performance to the ease of my own installation. Instead of making a big circle I can now go right into my slip! I wish I had one sooner.” 
 Well Craft   43'    Frank N.    Lake Erie, Canada    "I love my Yacht Thruster! I had one incident where I was able to pin the boat into a side to dock with 30+ knot winds pushing against the dock! The Yacht Thruster gives me the ability to handle the boat much more effectively in any boating condition. Great power. Amazing product!" 
 Wellington    48   David and Yvonne H   Pompano Beach, FL   "Just returned from a week sailing the west coast of FL from St. Pete to Naples. The thruster was crucial in a number of marina docking situations. Sanibel Island Marina is very small for a 50 foot sailboat but we got in and out with ease, thanks to our new thruster. Amazing. I have a whole different mindset when entering close quarters now. Much less tension with crew and lines now too. The thruster moves the bow quite well and we are thrilled to have such maneuverability! Thanks for great service and a fabulous product."  
 Whitby   42   Mark P.   Canada   " It may be small but it is really effective. We are so pleased." 
 -   41   Bill M.   LI,NY   I had the bow thruster installed on Optimistic in LI,NY along with Ken Hecht on Hanse 41 back in March. I wanted to follow up and update you on how the bow thruster Peter installed. So far it has been working as advertised, we have been very satisfied with its performance to date and it sure does make docking a lot easier. The wireless remote has been a life saver especially when working the bow at a morning.  
 -   -   Joe Glasse   -   My wife and I are both 78 and the thruster has helped us continue boating safely. Thanks for your help!  
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