Yacht Thruster E-Thrust for Sailboats!

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E-Thrust by Yacht Thruster is the world’s number one selling, externally mounted thruster for bow and stern applications, on both power and sailboats. Precision production produces a rugged housing manufactured out of solid machined aluminum with a hand built sealed motor using rare earth elements for power and durability. Since Yacht Thrusters are water cooled, they have exceptionally long continuous run-time and low battery draw.

  • Quick and Easy Installation – DIY
  • Extended Continuous Run Time of 10 Minutes
  • Quiet Operation and Minimal Vibration
  • Further Forward Installation for Added Leverage and Enhanced Performance
  • Impact Resistant Mounting¬† System

Sailboat Installation Positioning

Optimal position for eThrust installations:
Bow Thruster (B)
Stern Thruster (S)

E-Thrust as Bow Thruster

Hunter 36 Bow

E-Thrust as Stern Thruster

Catamaran Stern