Yacht Thruster i-Thrust Tunnel Boat Thrusters

i-Thrust Tunnel Thrusters

Yacht Thruster, noted for its high quality external bow and stern thrusters, is pleased to announce the availability of its new line of tradional in-the-hull thrusters branded thrust and manufactured by Sleipner, the world’s number one thruster manufacturing company. These thrusters have been in use by Volvo as OEM equipment and other companies and have a proven record of reliability and service.

thrust have been based on research and development test results, extensive laboratory findings and sea trials. both mechanically and electronically. thrust propellers represent a new generation propelling power. A high level of output combined with reduced tunnel diameter allows for the positioning of the thrust, deeper and farther to the bow of a given vessel, providing for increased performance due to the leverage gained through an improved turning moment in relation to the hull.

A Revolutionary, New Mechanical Construction

The thrust system has direct running through a solid transmission belt between the motor and the propeller shaft. There is no oil in the gear housing. The engine is placed in parallel with the tunnel. This design reduces noise, is compact and provides excellent conditions for installation. thrust are highly desirable in vessels where space is an issue. The gear housing and the pipe bracket is one unit and made from stainless steel AISI 316 for the larger models.

The i-Thrust on smaller thruster’s bracket is made from glass fiber armored composites. This way, there are no future expenses for galvanic anodes. The thrust is delivered installed onto the pipe bracket; as one unit. The installation is therefore easy and research has indicated savings of up to 50 per cent in time compared to the installation of conventional thrusters.

Yacht Thruster with the launch of its i-Thrust achieives four primary goals:

  • A thruster system where the various models are based on the very same technology.
  • A system which ensures easy and time efficient installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Extraordinary thrust effect from a compact unit using less battery consumption.

"Innovative Technology for the Marine Industry"