Yacht Thruster e-Thrust External Boat Thrusters

Thousands Installed
Durable System

Yacht Thruster is a German quality/Swiss precision designed, engineered and tested system manufactured to provide durability and performance with almost triple the operating time of a comparative electric boat thruster system. 25 minutes an hour. Yacht Thruster requires no maintenance other than bottom paint and the motor is completely sealed.

Yacht Thruster Info Graphic


Simple and Quick Installation

Thrust Efficiency Rotation Comparison

Virtually no resistance in the water

Tank testing proves that water resistance under power is less than .09% (nine hundredths) power loss, under sail is .05% (five hundredths) loss under sail compared to a tunnel thruster at 10% sail handicap, and equivalent to the drag of only a folding propeller. Click here to see the full results

Yacht Thruster Nominal current usage (A)

Utilizes approximately ½ the amperage of an equivalent LBS thrust tunnel thruster and Minimizes battery consumption Yacht Thruster Nominal current as follows:

130 Nominal current 140 (A)

230 Nominal current 120 (A)

180 Nominal current 187 (A)

300 Nominal current 175 (A)