Easy Drive Yacht Thruster

The Next Generation External Thrusters
Yacht Thruster Easy Drive

As you are aware, our team has accumulated a vast amount of know-how about externally mounted thrusters over the years. Having introduced the concept of these thrusters to the market more than five years ago and equipped many boats of all kinds with our product, we’ve gained first-hand experience which has allowed us to improve and develop new technology to make our thrusters even more efficient. This knowledge and our customers input, has now resulted in a brand-new generation of external Yacht Thrusters with a special application for active water sports boats and smaller versatile crafts.

The new design concept incorporates the fundamental requirements, such as:

  • Ease of installation with no fiberglass work necessary
  • Ignition protected and waterproof electronics box
  • Energy efficient and up to 10 minutes of long run time
  • Versatile installation independent of hull material or shape
  • Safe operation
Easy Drive Mircro Remote Yacht Thruster

Micro Remote Available Spring 2018!


Yacht Thruster Easy Drive


In addition, new generation technology has improved virtually every component of the thruster and it has been engineered for a more effective manufacturing process which reduces production cost and thereby price. Furthermore, when used as a stern thruster, these models will be the most compact ever - almost 20% lower in height than our popular compact model, with even longer run times and lower amperage draw.

Yacht Thruster continues to be the leader in externally mounted thrusters. As the pioneer in external thrusters, our products are equipped on over 285 brands of power and sailboats, with thousands of systems in operation today. The Yacht Thruster can be easily coupled with a variety of controls including joy stick, remote and push button panels from multiple helm stations. The long run times and low amp draw make this thruster an ideal option for our Yacht Controller SPORT system which combines engines and thrusters to provide supreme precision joystick control to move a boat in any direction.

Available in four configurations

Yacht Thruster Easy Drive

1. Standard stern thruster

The most compact stern thruster on the market.

Yacht Thruster Easy Drive

2. Stern thruster with propeller protection grids

An optimal solution ensuring people safety during water sport activities or for vessels used in waters with debris or drifting objects.

Yacht Thruster Easy Drive

3. Stern thruster with cowls

Many vessels have a hull design or equipment on the transom of the boat that might disturb the water flow to and from a stern thruster, thus making it less efficient. With the adjustable cowls, water flow can be directed to be less disturbed, obtaining a higher level of efficiency or allow for a very shallow installation closer to the waterline.

Yacht Thruster Easy Drive

4. In-flow configuration as bow or stern thruster

By adding a low drag cover, the new generation can be mounted under the hull in the water flow or low- and mid-speed vessels. The optimal design adds minimal drag and will in most installations not be noticeable. The in-flow configuration is perfect for boats where it is difficult to fit a tunnel thruster or for example as stern thruster for cruising sailboats.

Easy Drive 77 Specs

Motor Output 35/140 - 12v: 1.8kw
Thrust 35kg at 10.5v / 40kg at 12v
Ignition Protected Yes
Propeller 4-Blade Kaplan, Composite
Nominal Amp Draw 245A
Reg Fuse 150A (Slow Blow)