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Adaptor Installation
Installation of an EXTURN thruster is quick and easy. Simply drill a 50 mm diameter hole through the hull for the S/S through-hull fitting (attached to the thruster) which also feeds the required wiring. This through hull fitting is supplied with a watertight seal which eliminates the need of additional fiberglass work. Also supplied as part of the installation kit are S/S rods to be bolted through two 18 mm pre drilled holes. This also includes watertight seals and provides ultimate security and rigidity of your EXTURN thruster installation.

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Mounting Bolts
(Boat Interior)

The front mounting bolts are also secured from the vessels interior and provide a watertight seal.


Special Watertight Sealing
The unique seals provide a permanent watertight solution.

Sailboat Installation Positioning
Optimal position for EXTURN installations:
- Bow thruster (B)
- Stern thruster (S)

On round chines there is no/limited necessary GRP work.
  Powerboat Installation Positioning
Optimal position for EXTURN installations:
- Bow Thruster (B)
- Stern Thruster under swim platform (S1)
- Stern Thruster on "vertical transom" (S2)

On hard chines a fiberglass adaptor may be necessary for installation.
Bavaria 42
EXTURN as Bow Thruster
  Jeanneau 42
EXTURN as Stern Thruster
  Crownline 250
EXTURN as Bow Thruster with fiberglass adaptor
  Galeon 33
EXTURN as Stern Thruster with adaptor under swim platform