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Who Are We...

The team of products includes Yacht Controller, Yacht Thruster, Yacht Graphx, Yacht Command and Yacht Connect. We bring the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community. This is the hallmark of our brands through "innovative technology for the marine industry".  Our marine products are used on thousands of yachts of all sizes on more than 150 brands... and counting.

Yacht Controller is the key to wireless control of a yacht while docking and maneuvering. With almost 10,000 installed systems on more than 150 brands of yachts; ranging in size to over 140 ft, the flawless proven security and dual band dependability of Yacht Controller allows yacht operators to confidently control the movement of their yachts from anywhere on board with absolute precision. Yacht Controller JCS Joystick Control System provides a fixed station control with up to 5 connected joysticks at strategic locations throughout the yacht and can be coupled with a wireless remote for complete and precision yacht control.

Fusion Wireless Yacht Controller with Joystick

Yacht Graphx letters are state of the art laser cut for perfection in Stainless steel, Carbon Fiber, or Resin and available in Monochrome or Multiple color illuminated LEDs. Letters are connected via a specially designed marine electronic watertight system for stability, durability and reliability. Illuminations and dimming is controlled via a remote or WiFi from your smartphone for easy installation! Let us help you transform your look with Any Font, Design, Size, or Material which you prefer.

Yacht Command is the perfect system to convert boats with mechanical or hydraulic controls to an easy to use electronic control system. Providing gear shifting, throttle, warm up functions and synchronization with security.

Yacht Connect - Coastal Internet Amplifying System

Yacht Connect is more than a powerful 4G/Wi-Fi antenna, it is also a router with an access point. YachtConnect will support up to 32 connected devices on-board (smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.). Use the supplied pre-loaded data SIM card or insert your SIM card in the external card slot on the receiver and get a 4G signal. Enjoy increased signal strength by up to 50%+ by using the YachtConnect coastal Internet amplifying system.

Yacht Thruster - Stern Thruster

Yacht Thruster is the world's number one selling externally mounted thruster for bow and stern application on both power and sailboats. Precision production produces a rugged housing manufactured out of solid machined aluminum with a hand built, sealed motor for durability, and since Yacht Thrusters are water cooled, they have exceptionally long continuous run time and low battery drain.